Dexter Yarbrough – Photographer

Dexter Yarbrough – Photographer

Dexter Yarbrough is a photographer living and working in Chicago. He was born in 1965. Dexter Yarbrough is an avid photographer and uses Canon, Sony and Konica Minolta cameras. He has photographed weddings and other special events. He is a professional photographer who runs his own photography business and also works freelance.

Dexter Yarbrough has earned recognition and respect in the photography field and his photographs, which have been shown throughout the  USA, have received numerous honors and awards in recent years.

Dexter Yarbrough has over ten years’ experience developing and managing projects in challenging, fast-paced environments. He has demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly. Dexter Yarbrough is the recipient of many awards and has participated in numerous professional development trainings/conferences.

Capturing fleeting moments in time and helping to chronicle people’s lives is what continues to drive Dexter Yarbrough to excel and maintain his passion. He has been taking photographs for years. Dexter Yarbrough has a range of experience with portraiture, landscapes, special events, weddings and everything else in between.

Dexter Yarbrough lives with his wife and children. He enjoys reading, traveling and exercising. His favorite books include the Bible and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Dexter Yarbrough was featured with 38 other successful, young black men, in the nationally recognized book, Face Forward: Young African-American Men in a Critical Age.


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