Bob Proctor Quotes on Success

10 Mar
Bob Proctor Quotes on Success

By Dexter Yarbrough

Great quotes from Bob Proctor!

“Your mind is a place you can purposely go to. And FREE WILL is your passport. No one is ever refused entry. There are no borders or limits put on the size of what can be built. And best of all, it’s a universal nation that allows all of us citizenry! An image in your mind is the first stage of the creative process in life. From your imagination your visions and plans arise.”

“Take a look at what you are doing. It may not seem like much but if you give it everything you’ve got! I guarantee you something good will come of it.”

“It is the REPETITION of an idea that will take root in the subconscious mind, as it gains strength, the negative idea that is already there weakens. Soon the one takes over and starts to control you and the other loses control.”

Have a wonderful day!

© Dexter Yarbrough. All rights reserved.


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